bett padgett guitar at corollia
Life is exciting! Since living in Raleigh beginning in 1971, I have come to know some amazing people. Having taught and performed music since 1978 I have learned there is a great number of musical talent in our own community as well as abroad. I have the good fortune to share this with you through the Little Lake Hill House Concerts. When a person loves what they do and are able to follow that dream, it truly is a blessing. Please visit my own music label Ceilidhe's Music to hear about some of my insights on life and what is new. Little Lake Hill, our home is also a beautiful place to visit. We are thankful that we are able to share this spectacular oasis.
I am grateful to have the support of my husband Bill who is dedicated to the quality of life locally and is very active in the community. I'm also grateful for my son Will and for his two boys. Grandparent heaven is a grand place to be!