The Artist

hatteras exhibit
photo by John Havel
Having lived in North Carolina all my life I have discovered a lot of interesting history, facts and trivia that I enjoy sharing, mostly through music. Next to family, music ranks high up on my list of loves. Born and raised in Durham, my parents gave me and all my sibs some of the finest gifts that parents could afford: music lessons, dance lessons, bowling leagues, scouting, etc. Being the daughter of a well-known jazz sax player, Sam Andrews, I took to music more than anything else. Piano was my focus from age 5-16, but ukulele and guitar became my passion when I was 11. I sang and played with folk groups in high school and solo gigs in college. I majored in voice performance with a minor in piano at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC. This experience gave me the tools I needed to teach music on guitar, mandolin, banjo and ukulele. Here I met my life-long supporter in 1968 and married him. Bill has been a driving force in guiding me through my career in teaching, writing and recording. I am lucky to have the support of such a loving family (son, grandkids, and siblings included). I also had the support of the border collies that became a part of our family. I began writing in 1989, the year we got Mik, our first border collie.
Volunteering for the Triangle Folk Music Society (now non-operational) I gained experience in contacting artists and the music industry which was useful in starting the Little Lake Hill House Concerts in 2000. As a founding member of the North Carolina Songwriters' Coop I learned the process of organizing concerts and contacting the media. Swannanoa Gathering was where I gained confidence in my own ability to write, record and perform my own music. This summer series of week-long workshops concentrates on different facets of music or dance at Warren Wilson College and is in a beautiful setting in the mountains.
An avid lover of lighthouses, I was drawn to the Outer Banks Lighthouse Society through a song I wrote about the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in 1997 which lead to a journey with the Society and our maritime history. I joined the board in 1998 and was president for ten years from 2005-2015. I love speaking to groups and children about lighthouses. I also love writing songs about their and all of North Carolina's history.
Writing music, stories, poems, gives artists the opportunity to convey insights into everyday circumstances without being judged. We can state feelings and beliefs through art with the hopes that the observer will have experienced the same, or will have a better understanding of their own situation. We've all been touched by a picture, painting, movie or music. I am fortunate to be able to share mine with you. Thank you for listening! womensmarch

The women's march in Raleigh, January 21st, 2017 was an exciting place to be. An artist must speak (or sing) her mind!