Border Collies

flying dogs
Border Collies have been a big part of our lives since 1989. Our first Border, Mik, was killed on Christmas Day, 1992. Bill and I were so distressed, we sought the company of another dog right away. We found Trek, who came from good working dog lines. This was the beginning of a 22 year journey which lead us through many wonderful experiences and learning just how amazing these dogs are. Trek's father was a sheep dog trial champion from Wales (smooth-coated red dog). Having never been to a sheepdog trial, we took our puppy to a trial in Pittsboro. She stayed glued to the fence the entire time! Her eyes followed the sheep up and down the field. We thought perhaps she might have some of her father’s instinct, so we took her to a trainer for assessment. Kent Kuykendall thought for sure that she would make a fine herding dog, but needed to grow up a bit, and be exposed to livestock. We began working with Trek, attending workshops and private lessons. Trek was bred to Bill, Kent Kuykendall’s Purina Champion trial dog in 1995. Ceilidhe was the runt of the litter. When it was time for us to choose the puppy we wanted to keep, we let Trek choose! We let Trek play with each puppy individually, and then all together. The puppy she played with the most was Ceilidhe. Trek and Ceilidhe both were great sheep herding dogs for nearly two years. We bred Trek to Bill (the dog) again and kept two puppies from the second litter, Star and Tre, thus our family of BC's grew to four!
dog family
Photo by Bill Padgett
Our first winter at Little Lake Hill there was a huge snow. The dogs loved the snow as much as Bill and I! We raised the canine family here, running through the grounds, swimming in the creek and enjoying life. Losing Trek in 2009 was in no way preparation for losing three of her children. Each 'child' is different and parting with them individually has been difficult in its own way. I wrote songs for them and put some to videos. Rainbow Bridge Song and All the Tears in the World where you will see photos of our lives together. We have lived, learned and loved so much in this trek. We have had many wonderful experiences, but nothing will compare to the memories our dogs have given us. We are certain to bring another 4-legged family member into our home and hearts one day.

And here he is. Moss, named after his great-grandfather and Bill's mother's maiden name. Pictured at 12 weeks. We brought him home December 29, 2016. Now the fun begins!