ceilidhe face
Ceilidhe (pronounced Kailey) was the first real dog baby we had. The runt of the litter, born on a Thursday afternoon, she was constantly bullied by her dog brothers and sisters. I picked her tiny body up and showed her how to be tough and go, “arf, arf, arf”. The idea must have stuck as she soon became quite a stylish herding dog, preferring cattle to sheep and not afraid at all of the big bovine monsters. I called her my “cowgirl”. Her features were quite unlike a Border Collie, but coming from Bill Dog (Kent Kuykendall’s #1 trial champ) and Trek Dog, a hard shepherding dog, she looked more like her dad than her beautiful mom. Border Collies, coming from the border of Scotland and England, thus their name, I knew our daughter dog’s name would be ‘Ceilidhe’ with an ‘e’ on the end since it is more feminine. We knew this before she was even conceived. Ceilidhs are local celebrations of culture and heritage in the UK. One night each week is designated for ceilidhs.
ceilidhe sheep
Ceilidhe displayed the keenest personality of any dog we’ve know, cocking her head one way or another as we spoke to her. She loved chasing light beams as well. She knew where the flashlight was kept and would gladly take us to it when we asked her, “Where’s Mr. Beam?” She loved the harmonica and would sing right along as her human dad, Bill, would play. Since she constantly chased the reflection of guitar tuners in my music studio, the music label is thusly named “Ceilidhe’s Music”. Ceilidhe was nearly 18 years old when she went to sleep for the last time. How I miss that girl!