Star Padgett, (1/28/99-12/19/14) became Stardust on December 19th, almost a year to the day that her brother left the world (on 12/24/13). I was with her when she took her first breath, and Bill and I were both present for her last. Star was the best Frisbee dog…..who says dogs can't fly? She was a canine acrobat and watching her in the air gave us joy! Star was bred from a fine line of working dogs, and although she never worked (herding), her mother and sister Ceilidhe (from the first litter) competed in trials and enjoyed trips out in the countryside to work sheep and cattle. Star competed for the stick toss and 'roof ball' and could jump higher than Tre, who was fearless and often won the game because of his daunting spirit. The neighborhood children chose the names for the 1999 litter, and the name "Star" remained with her because of the shape of the white marking on the back of her neck.
Star's passing marks the end of an era of our Border Collie family which began in 1989. The day after she was put to rest, we took a long walk at Schenk Forest, a favorite hiking place for us and all the dogs. It began to snow. Star loved the snow.