Tre was whelped by Trek Dog right before my eyes that cold Tuesday in January 1999. We were offered money for him, but we knew he would be happier with us than anywhere else. The neighborhood children named him "Brownie", but we we changed that when we decided to add him to our growing brood. Tre made four. There was something very special about him when he was just a puppy. He 'talked' to us with his eyes and his body gestures.
In the summer of 1998 we visited Trefalen Farm in Pembrokeshire, Wales. We stayed overnight there, first in the campground until it rained until the tent leaked, then in the B&B where we shared our meal with the keepers and talked until the wee hours of the morning. We had a very magical experience at Trefalen (Gaelic meaning is "Home of the Allen family" as it had been for hundreds of years). There was something magical about Tre, thus, the name 'Trefalen' for our new boy dog, and 'Tre' for short. He and his littermate, Star, made their homes along with Trek and Ceilidhe in our home and into our hearts. Tre moved to Little Lake Hill with the family in 1999, just shy of one year old. He enjoyed racing through the woods, taking dips in the 'deep end' of the creek, chasing sticks, sliding on the frozen pond and playing with his mom and sisters. He often hiked in the big parks not too far from home. He was a star at 'roof ball' and if there had been money to make at the game then his human mom and dad could have retired many years ago. Tre was diagnosed with heart disease several years before he passed and the miracles of modern medicine kept him alive and with us longer than the doctors thought possible. On Christmas Eve, 2013, Tre collapsed during our morning walk. We took him to our amazing vet, Dr. Page Wages at Oberlin Animal Hospital, who told us that "The hole in your hearts will mend, but I cannot fix the whole in Tre's heart." We had to say good-bye to him forever. It was unexpected and sudden, too sudden. Was it magic that kept him with us for nearly 15 years? May the magic that lived within him live within us all.