trek face
Trek Dog Padgett was a friend, daughter, mother for 16 1/2 years. She died June 10th 2009, surrounded by her human family, and three of her children. She was preceded in death by her mother, Skye and her father, Bill Dog. Trek lived a useful life working as a sheep herder and companion. She terrorized sheep all over North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. She once ‘herded’ a herd of Barbados sheep from Charlottesville Virginia to the Tennessee border. It is said that WORKING dogs can claim the title ‘Dog’ after their first name.
trek sheep
Some of her favorite past times were retrieving sticks out of the water in the ponds at Umstead State Park and in the ocean at Sunset Beach and Bird Island. She also enjoyed catching Frisbee and keeping the three younguns and her human mom and dad in line.
She will be remembered by friends who visited us, those who came to meetings at our home and students who came for music lessons.  So long, Trek. We are thankful for all the gifts you gave us: memories, your total loyalty, your compulsive work ethic, your intuitive compassion and the great kids you left behind. We have learned a lot from you.