All the Tears in the World (songs of hope and courage)

Bett Padgett All of the Tears in the World image

This 7th CD brings strength and wisdom to many of life’s struggles. Everyday realities such as homelessness, climate change, death, mental illness and religion are approached and interpreted with optimism. Finding joys in relationships and love can make coping with the adversities we all face possible and is embraced in this CD. The use of partial capos and alternate tunings on guitars gives a big sound with little instrumentation.  Also on the CD are two longtime favorites: "House Carpenter" and "Wayfaring Stranger". Includes light percussion, mandolin, mandola, piano, violins, cello and flute. This CD takes you on through real-life trip & promises to make you feel good. click here for lyrics. My instruments include guitar in various tunings and use of partial capos, high-strung guitar, mandolin, mandola, piano, banjo, ukulele, percussion, cello, violin, flute and more. Friends also join in with percussion on "All the Tears in the World". Have a listen to the title track "All the Tears in the World" and to more of the songs on Bett on Soundcloud and on Rhapsody.