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Ceilidhe was my dog, a smooth-coated red border collie who for nearly 18 years was by my side in the music sunroom as I wrote songs, sang and played music with my students. Actually, Ceilidhe was infatuated by the reflection of guitar tuners as the sun reflected upon them and caused light to dance around the studio, but she must have enjoyed the music too. Since she was always with me and such a big part of my music, I named the label after her. Many songs are written about the history of North Carolina and of personal experiences. I love telling stories and some of the CDs include songs which are stories put to music. Many songwriters write about their search for love. I write about the rest of life and what happens after we find love. Here are the current CDs recorded on "Ceilidhe's Music" label:
"All the Tears in the World, songs of hope and courage" was released in 2015 and is by far the most personal release which addresses the obstacles everyone finds in living; facing illnesses, losing pets, trying to find strength to combat these challenges. I share my insight on these subjects, yet also find joys in life which are conveyed through music. Overall, the CD is uplifting and hopeful. My instruments include guitar in various tunings and use of partial capos, high-strung guitar, mandolin, mandola, piano, banjo, ukulele, percussion, cello, violin, flute and more. Friends also join in with percussion on "All the Tears in the World". CDs are available at:
Good news---selections from "All the Tears in the World" have been featured on various national radio shows and have ranked in the top 100 played songs on The Acoustic Outpost in New Hampshire since January!
What's new? A new CD is in the works! I've been working with Kari Estrin since June and have learned that I have a lot to learn! With Kari's guidance I am writing better songs, putting more thought in how to approach songwriting and formulate ideas and music. I'm excited about all I am becoming aware of and this will be reflected in a new album and perhaps some singles. Speaking of which, I hope you may enjoy my first music video using a song about my mother's Christmas Cookie Cutters, now in their 60th year of use. I hope you enjoy it!
bett padgett at osceola studio raleigh nc
Bett working with Dick Hodgin at Osceola Studio Raleigh, NC