At the End of the Day

Bett Padgett, At the End of the Day CD cover
Much like what we seek At the End of the Day, this eighth studio album of the same title is characterized by a gentle feeling of peace and calm This tranquility is entwined all throughout the album. You may get the feeling that you are the only person in the audience.

Produced by Chris Rosser at Hollow Reed Studio in Asheville and joined by Eliot Wadopian on upright Bass, River Guerguerian on percussion, these three musicians together form a band called “Free Planet Radio” and tour internationally playing a combination of world/jazz and pop infused music. Josh Goforth on fiddle plays regularly with North Carolina folk and folklore musician David Holt and Laura Boosinger. The addition of these four consummate musicians/performers is a perfect blend for this music. Chris himself plays guitar, bass guitar, piano, dotar, and keyboard as well as lending his smooth vocal harmonies on several songs. I play guitar, high-strung guitar, banjo, mandolin, mandola and harp.

My belief of strength in family is prevalent in this CD. Unity and fellowship while facing issues in today’s world contribute to our understanding of ourselves. These are common themes throughout the album. Whether it be vacationing at the beach or baking Christmas cookies with mom, the story songs evoke memories and are personalized by the listener. Songs speak of long and strong friendship which show the power of close relationships. This Old Love of Ours is a beautiful waltz that speaks of love’s survival through decades of marriage. I explore the possibilities of what the world would be like with only one universal faith. In the title track I ponder what it is like to live with homelessness and needs. Predominantly the song subjects are about steadfast and loving relationships and commitment.