Hatteras: If a Lighthouse Could Speak

Bett Padgett, Hatteras, If a Lighthouse Could Speak
While noodling on the guitar and searching for a haunting tuning I had previously heard, "If a Lighthouse Could Speak" melody came to me. In 1997 a hot topic in North Carolina was what was to happen to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse as it was feared to fall into the ocean. I was inspired to write an entire CD of songs about the history of the lighthouse, the relocation, and how people worldwide felt about it.  I learned of the deep attachment that those who lived on the island had. This CD is tribute and appreciation of this famous beacon, the keepers of the light and their families. There are many styles of music, folk, pop, blues, 'new age' play on guitars, mandolin, piano, synthesizer, I am joined by musicians on electric bass, upright bass, cello, harmonica, drums, percussion.