Bett Padgett Trefalen CD cover
In the UK "Trefalen" means 'home of the Allen family'. Bill and I had a magical experience in Wales while searching for Beddgelert, a town named after a dog that is the main character in a Welch legend dated in the 13th century. There are several good stories on this CD. One based on Beddgelert's legend, one of our experience at Trefalen, "A Soldier and His Lady" which is based on Charles Frasier’s book " Cold Mountain". Others are happy stories... a fun song about the "Rules for the Dog of the House", memories of Christmas that using my mother's old cookie molds brings back, and one of my favorites by Woody Guthrie, "This Land is Your Land". I am joined by musicians on electric bass, upright bass, cello, flute, drums, percussion. And of course I play guitars, mandolin and piano, and synthesizer.