Guitar Lessons

image bett's guitar
I began teaching private guitar in 1978 at Burt's Village Music Store in Cameron Village. When the store moved to Cary (Shoppes of Kildare) ten years later, I opened a private studio. The early days I taught group lessons for the City of Raleigh's Parks and Recreation Department, the YWCA and the Community Schools until 1983. In 1979 I began teaching group classes at NCSU and continued through the spring semester of 2007. Group lessons were offered at the private studio until 2013. Now it's time to cut back even further. Although I love teaching and have been fortunate to be able to love what I do, I am cutting back to allow more time for my family, my music label, and gardening. Beginning in 2015 I will no longer take new students, but continue to teach current students only two days a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays). 'Repeats' (previous students) are welcome, however, if time allows.
There is a tremendous amount of information and tutorials available on the internet and through videos, but they will not be able to let a student know why his string is buzzing, or where the thumb on his/her fretting hand should go, or when is the best time to take your hand off a chord to go to another, or that the way he is sitting will cause pain and back/shoulder issues years later. There is nothing that will take the place of an experienced teacher to help guide students through the early phases of learning the basics. There are many techniques that can be shown to help learn the dynamics which bring the music to life and help an experienced player get the sound s/he is looking for. A good teacher should be able to help you and there are many in Raleigh. Finding a good teacher may take several tries in order to find a good match, but they are out there!