After hosting 140 concerts in eighteen years, Little Lake Hill House Concerts is taking a break. Our last show in December, 2017 with Robin Bullock and Steve Baughman performing their Celtic Guitar Gods holiday music (mixed with foot-stomping Appalachian fiddle tunes) was a perfect evening to close the doors. We hope to resume the series after a much needed rest but not knowing how long it will be we are not booking shows at the present. It has been a wonderful and fullfilling journey: bringing some of the best international talent to Raleigh and bringing people together. We have made many long-lasting friendships and will strive to stay in touch with all who have come to nearly every show, welcoming newcomers and bringing warmth and energy into our home.

We first opened the doors in July, 2000. Since then we've had numerous and wonderful musicians perform in our 'living room'. The City of Raleigh Board of Adjustments declared us to be a 'Prima Facie Business' in December of 2009 which means we LOOK like a business, even though we are NOT one. They declared that we may have 3 events in our home (event of any kind). In 2010 we
david roth performing with bett padgett
David Roth with Bett Padgett
held shows in our home and in other homes, also at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh. We are deeply grateful to the UUFR for helping us host Karan Casey Band, which also was a fundraiser for Hospice of Wake County. Also, to Harry Tueting (Harry's Guitar Shop) for allowing us to host shows in his home as well. Since then we've hosted many who are not on our list of previous shows. Some include John Doyle, Molasses Creek, Kevin Burke, Celtic Fiddle Festival, James Hill and Anne Janelle, Garnet Rogers, Robin Bullock, Jack Williams, David Wilcox. You can see the complete list of artists here. We are no longer listing the upcoming or past shows on this website. Learn why here. If we were asked who is our favorite performer of all that have been here we'd have to say "ALL of them!"
house concert fpr
Free Planet Radio
The concept of house concerts (also known as 'House Parties') is not a new one. Originally called salons centuries ago, patrons of fine music opened up their homes to musicians for performances. The idea was put away for some time as musicians began performing for large audiences and needed a stage and amplification. Now, singer/songwriters and bands alike are welcoming the idea of performing ‘unplugged’ in a cozy living room. It gives an opportunity to look the audience at eye level and the ambience and attention more relaxed and inviting. Little Lake Hill is located right off of Wade Avenue on Dixie Trail in Raleigh and very near the beltline and I-40, very convenient to folks from everywhere!
billy jonas
Billy Jonas and guest
cool john ferguson performing
Cool John Ferguson
This is the way it works: we invite people to come listen to some wonderful music which follows a brief discussion about local-global concerns. We take a show of hands on ways to resolve issues. Then the music begins. People RSVP if they can come, directions are sent to them by email a few days before the show. The night of the show folks come and bring food to share and also donations for the artist.
Our first house concert was in July, 2000, presenting Leslie Ritter and Scott Petito in a wonderful and highly successful show! Little Lake Hill provides an elegant and intimate setting for such performances. The home built in 1932 sits on 3 acres of land in the center of Raleigh. It rests on a hill overlooking a pond (to be restored) thus, the name "Little Lake Hill". Stone walls, steps and rock gardens cultivated many years ago grace the area.
Many folks have come to nearly every show here, so it's like being with family! The people who come here make these evenings special for the artist and the artist often gives some of their best and most creative performances here. Each show is the BEST!