Little Lake Hill House Concerts Previous Artists

Since we opened the doors in 2000 we have enjoyed the music of these wonderful musicians. Not only do they bring us hours of music, but engaging stories and entertainment. Several of them have been here multiple times. It is difficult to turn away artists due to lack of time, or not being familiar with their performance. I prefer seeing a live show before booking. Feel free to contact me if you will be in the Raleigh area and would like for me to attend your local show.
Andy Irvine
Andy M. Stewart
Artie Traum
Bett Padgett
Bill Leslie & Lorica
Bill Mize
Billy Jonas
Bob Franke &
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Celtic Fiddle Festival
Chris Rosser
Chris Smither
Christine Kane
Chuck Brodsky
Claudia Schmidt
Cool John Ferguson
Cosy Sheridan
Crow Johnson
Dana & Sue Robinson
David Massengill
David Roth
David Wilcox
Don Conoscenti
Duck Baker
Erica Wheeler
Free Planet Radio
Garnet Rogers
Gerry O'beirne
Greg Greenway
Jack Williams
James Hill & Anne Janelle
John Doyle
Karan Casey
Kate Campbell
Kevin Burke
Lou & Peter Berryman
Lui Collins
Mary Flower
Mike Craver
Molasses Creek
Niahm Parsons
Paddy Keenan
Paul Reisler
Peggy Seeger
Pierce Pettis
Preston Reed
Robin Bullock
Robin Bullock & Steve Baughman
Roy Book Binder
Scott Ainslie
Scott Petito & Leslie Ritter
Sloan Wainwright
Steve Gillette/Cindy Mangsen
Tom Prasada-Rao
Willow Band