If I Catch My Dream

Bett Padgett’s sophomore release sparkles within a new layer of sophistication in her writing, singing and sound, yet with a very simple theme that we should all be able to take for granted but can’t— kindness in all its forms, and in the world we live in. In subtle ways, Bett’s messagealbum is number 4 extends all those who inhabit our planet and also to our precious earth. As Bett has caught her dream as a performer and writer, after supporting many others in their dreams by serving as a music teacher and house concert presenter, Bett’s thoughtful and carefully crafted songs shine through with a vision of a world we want to live in. Bett plays guitars, rootsy claw-hammer banjo, mandolin, harp and piano on this new CD which was produced by Chris Rosser at Hollow Reed Studio in Asheville. Chris himself plays guitar, bass guitar, piano, harmonium, octave mandolin and keyboard as well as lending his smooth vocal harmonies on several songs. Eliot Wadopian plays upright bass, River Guerguerian on percussion.

These three musicians together form a band called “Free Planet Radio” and tour internationally playing a combination of world/jazz and pop infused music. David Johnson adds final touches to the mix with fiddle, mandolin, dobro and pedal steel. He is no stranger to the music world— an inductee to the Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame, he played with Doc Watson for many years. Bett is joined by Chris and Lynn Rosser, David Roth and the Enloe High School (Raleigh) chorus in singing “Tell Us When”. 

“If you can walk you can dance,and if you can talk you can sing. -Zimbabwe
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