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Some recent quotes about Bett’s music and performance:

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FOR BOOKING contact: Bett Padgett
 (919) 264-3075 or thru my contact page.

FOR RADIO contact:
Kari Estrin
PO Box 60232
Nashville, TN 37206

Tech Specs available upon request.

“Intelligent perspectives and insights filled with lovely irony and thought-provoking optimism such as one might find in the folk genre’s classic sing-along songbook “Rise Up Singing!” Roots Music Report

“Insightful songs about the social climate that affects us; Bett’s engaging stories remind us of what’s really important.” Rootstime, Netherlands

“She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me think.”

“One of North Carolina’s shining stars, an incredible singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, who writes topical songs, songs of love, songs for our times, all that cry out. I listened and I didn’t want to stop listening!” Jon Stein, host of “Hootenanny Café” on WTBQ, 93.5FM

“Bett’s music is not just the music she writes, but the music she lives”
Kari Estrin

“I really love your depth in writing and sharing, and your facility on so many instruments.  You are a marvel and an inspiration.” Venue operator

“I am a dj at KRFC in Fort Collins Colorado, and have been playing your cd!  Good stuff!!”

“Bett’s music is heartfelt from her heart to mine.  Emotionally, it is honest whether about heartache and loss, resiliency or joy, she shares the feelings.  Bett’s music makes me feel glad to be alive in this world.  Attending one of her shows feels like coming home to family.”
a fan

“Bett’s music captures all of life’s twists and turns. A concert evening with Bett is a journey through life’s joys and sorrows.”
a fan

“Bett’s heartfelt voice and words convey her positive spirit, love of life, and activism for a better world. Her music features lovely guitar tunings, rootsy banjo, soft piano, and other instruments with elements of folk, Celtic, jazz, and new age that are spun in her unique style. A memorable and inspiring performer.”
a fan

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“If you can walk you can dance,and if you can talk you can sing. -Zimbabwe
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