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New album coming this fall
“Turning Over Stones”

Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Innovative Guitarist, Storyteller, Teacher

Folksinger and multi-instrumentalist Bett Padgett’s ninth album is compelling as her original material touches the soul and stimulates the mind. The topical songwriter may not be widely known outside of her native North Carolina, but her material deserves a listen. Her title track shows that she clearly has the ambition and a focus to follow her muse. Many of her songs deal with social, political and environmental problems facing current and future generations. “Be Kind” emphasizes respect, “The Old Front Porch” is nostalgic, and “Too Much Trouble” has us questioning social media. Padgett encourages and calls us to action in “We Need a Miracle Now” and “Pale Blue Dot” Her presentation is graceful, personal and relaxed. Intelligent perspectives and insights are filled with lovely irony and thought-provoking optimism such as one might find in the folk genre’s classic sing-along songbook “Rise Up Singing!” The album’s three covers (“In My Life,” “The Water is Wide,” “Auld Lang Syne”) are fairly standard classics but serve to reinforce the album’s underlying theme of hope for a better world. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)

Bett Padgett’s new release sparkles within a new layer of sophistication in her writing, singing and sound, yet with a very simple theme that we should all be able to take for granted but can’t— kindness in all its forms, and  in the world we live in. In subtle  ways, Bett’s message extends all those who inhabit our planet and also to our precious earth. As Bett has caught her dream as a performer and writer, after supporting many others in their dreams by serving as a music teacher and house concert presenter,  Bett’s thoughtful and carefully crafted songs shine through with a vision of a world we want to live in.

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Sales of the physical album are donated to the Inter Faith Food Shuttle.

Bett Padgett teacher, storyteller, songwriter, multi- instrumentalist, innovative guitarist“I have always thought of myself as a ‘glass is half full’ kind of person. The songs I write are about the world I see with an optimistic aspect. Through music I hope to educate, touch hearts, and  help people see issues from a different perspective. Perhaps they will feel compelled to get involved to make changes in today’s world and make it a better place.”

“One of North Carolina’s shining stars, an incredible singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, who writes topical songs, songs of love, songs for our times, all that cry out. I listened and I didn’t want to stop listening!”
Jon Stein, host of “Hootenanny Café” on WTBQ, 93.5FM

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